ABAIR Announces First AI Course

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The American Board of Artificial Intelligence in Radiology (ABAIR) announced its first ABAIR-Ai for Radiology Administrators and Technologists course will be held November 15-16 in Las Vegas.

This comprehensive two-day course has been developed by a team of experts within the AI space. The primary focus of this course is to empower and educate Radiology Administrators and Technologists to breakdown and evaluate the AI entering their radiology department.

“We are excited to get this first course off the ground. The feedback and interest have been more than we would have ever expected. We realize that space will be limited, so we encourage everyone to visit the website and sign up,” said Tom McLaughlin, RT, MBA, founding member of ABAIR. “We strongly feel that additional education and certification provides medical professionals with the tools to help their department analyze all of the AI coming through the door to see how it may benefit and work in their department.

“Our hope for the course is to have attendees leave with the ability to ‘speak’ AI,” said Shon Smith, founding member of ABAIR.

At the end of the course and certification the Radiology Administrator and/or Technologist will be armed with the knowledge and tools to evaluate the impact of any AI tool looking to enter their department.

In addition to the course, the ABAIR plans to also offer certification and “AiR credits,” which are a way for the attendees to build on and further their knowledge in the AI space. The ABAIR, in partnership with industry colleagues, is eager to educate the next generation of medical professionals by empowering the healthcare community with a greater understanding of AI technology.

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ABAIR Announces First AI Course .  Appl Radiol. 

By News Release| August 12, 2022

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