United Imaging Unveils Mobile Digital PET/CT Unit

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Following its entry into the U.S. market in 2018, United Imaging is announcing new imaging technology and AI capabilities this year.

Attendees can tour United Imaging and SMS’s
mobile PET/CT trailer.

In collaboration with Shared Medical Services (SMS), the company is the first in the U.S. to launch a mobile digital positron emission tomography (PET)/computed tomography (CT) unit. SMS operates a certified mobile fleet of diagnostic imaging vehicles, one of which is fully outfitted with United Imaging's state-of-the-art uMI 550 digital PET/CT imaging equipment. RSNA attendees this year can tour the trailer on the tradeshow floor.

The company anticipates that this mobile digital PET/CT collaboration will increase access to critical diagnostic cancer detection and staging tools, as well as improve visibility of smaller lesions with digital technology. It will also greatly increase the standard of care not in urban, suburban and rural areas across the country.

United Imaging’s state-of-the-art uMI 550 digital
PET/CT imaging equipment inside the mobile trailer.

“We’re focused on providing high-end medical technology to communities around the United States, and mobile PET/CT fits with our vision of giving more people more access to advanced imaging capabilities,” said Jeffrey M. Bundy, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer at UIH Solutions. “The uMI 550 digital PET/CT imaging equipment is innovative, it’s digital and it has one of the largest fields of view you can get. It takes the latest and greatest technology and puts it in an environment where it normally can’t go.”

The company also unveiled a new MR system called the uMR Omega* that offers the world’s first ultra-wide 75-cm bore, the widest on the market. The U.S. will be the first market to receive the uMR Omega, underscoring United Imaging’s significant investment to provide access to high-quality imaging to all patients throughout the country.

Beyond the uMR Omega launch, AI remains the focus of the company’s substantial investment. The company announced the introduction of uAI technologies into key radiology systems across multiple modalities with DELTA,* a deep learning enhancement to its uCT 7 series Computed Tomography system; HYPER Deep Learning Reconstruction* in the routine PET/CT workflow of its uMI 550 system; and AI-Assisted Compressed Sensing (ACS)* full-coverage image acceleration for its uMR 780 system.

RSNA Booth: 2548

*Pending 510(k), not available for sale in the United States.

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United Imaging Unveils Mobile Digital PET/CT Unit.  Appl Radiol. 

By Staff News Brief| December 02, 2019
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