Realize Medical, Logitech Provide VR Medical Modeling Platform

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A doctor drawing on a medical image and making a 3D model in virtual reality VRRealize Medical have collaborated with Logitech to further enhance Elucis, the world’s first VR platform for creating patient-specific 3D medical models directly in virtual reality. The partnership will bring Logitech’s VR Ink Pilot Edition to the platform, enabling users to draw precisely and directly in the Elucis platform.

Elucis, based entirely in virtual reality, allows users to effortlessly turn medical images into 3D medical models for 3D printing and other advanced visualization applications. The platform, in combination with the breakthrough Logitech stylus, enables intuitive medical image viewing and modeling.

“We are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to improve our Elucis platform, and this partnership with Logitech does just that,” said Justin Sutherland, CEO & Co-Founder of Realize Medical. “Giving users the ability to draw seamlessly within our program will greatly improve the user experience, bringing us closer to meeting our mission of providing healthcare professionals with the 3D modeling tools they need to improve patient care and education.”

Virtual reality can play a variety of important roles in healthcare and medicine. The Elucis platform in particular can act as a clinician education and training tool, help with patient-specific planning, has the potential to guide treatment decisions, and more. Realize Medical believes that conventional monitor displays will be replaced by modern mixed reality tools like VR, AR, and medical 3D printing. Elucis can accelerate this change by providing surgeons and healthcare professionals with a radically new way to create 3D medical content.

The new era of virtual reality platforms is going to be game changing for healthcare and medicine. Realize Medical is proud to be part of that innovative category and hopes their partnership with Logitech will help bring positive change to the industry.

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Realize Medical, Logitech Provide VR Medical Modeling Platform.  Appl Radiol. 

By News Release| July 23, 2020
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