Nexxis Digital OR Offers 3D Imaging for Interventional Surgeries

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Hospitals with Nexxis OR-over-IP now have access to high-quality 3D imaging for their interventional surgeries. Barco, global leader in visualization technology, has enhanced Nexxis to show and share 3D images in the operation room. A new 3D surgical display can be integrated into new and existing Nexxis configurations.

Why 3D in the OR?
Complex, minimally invasive surgical interventions will typically benefit from 3D imaging and visualization. Minimally invasive surgeries today are mainly performed with a 2D endoscopic camera, leaving the surgeon with limited immediate depth perception. 3D imaging solves this issue.

Given that surgical teams rely on the camera, the display(s) and the real-time quality of the video stream, it is critical that the same video performance capabilities guaranteed in a Nexxis installation, are maintained when integrating a 3D display in the system.

Usability and flexibility
With the Nexxis 1.17 update, all new and existing Nexxis configurations are upgraded to support 3D imaging. Up to today, 3D sources could not be integrated into digital ORs. Nexxis 1.17 solves this in a flexible way: 3D sources come with all possibilities traditionally available for 2D sources, so the OR staff can use them the same way as they are used to. For example, they share their images between ORs, and they can also be streamed or recorded.

Nexxis also automatically switches between 2D and 3D modes, adapting images to the capabilities of each display in the operating room. As such, the OR staff has the best suitable formats at their disposal.

Easy connectivity with new surgical 3D display
Alongside the update, Barco also releases a new 3D and 4K surgical display, which hospitals can effortlessly connect with their Nexxis integration thanks to a built-in decoder.

The MDSC-8232 M3D display is not restricted to 3D endoscopic interventions alone, as it can also show 2D images in excellent quality. When used in 3D mode, the surgical team can work with a large viewing area and comfortable depth perception. The display offers high color accuracy, detailed images thanks to its 4K resolution, and near-zero latency for optimal hand-eye coordination.

Davide Nocentini, VP Surgical Imaging at Barco, comments: “3D technology has been around for a while now, but never really entered the OR at full speed, due to limitations mainly related to the image quality and comfort for the surgeons. With our latest release, we aim to overcome those challenges and ensure a more immersive experience for the surgeons and the clinical staff, during surgery and interventional cardiology procedures. Releasing this 3D package is another step we are taking to improve patient outcomes and efficiency in the operating room.”

Upgrading to Nexxis 1.17 to support 3D happens as any other software update.

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Nexxis Digital OR Offers 3D Imaging for Interventional Surgeries.  Appl Radiol. 

By News Release| October 29, 2020

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