FDA approves first contrast agent for CT colonography in U.S.

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Bracco Diagnostics, the United States subsidiary of Bracco Imaging, has announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Approved TAGITOLM V oral suspension for use in adult patients undergoing a computed tomography colonography (CTC) procedure. The company stated that this is the first contrast agent approved in the United States for CTC use.

TAGITOLM V, a barium sulfate oral suspension. is a low-volume fecal tagging agent used to opacify residual stool in the colon for CT imaging. It blends into the stool as it forms, resulting in immediate, visible ientification of retained feces. The tagging of residual material with radiopaque contrast during a CTC procedure offers the benefit of differentiating true polyps instead of feces, and can help decrease the number of false positives.

A company spokesperson stated in its press release announcement that Bracco has been a leading proponent of the development of CTC. It developed and sponsors a website designed to educate patients and primary care physicians about CTC examinations. The website, www.myctcolonography.com, also helps patients locate radiology facilities that offer CTC testing.

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FDA approves first contrast agent for CT colonography in U.S..  Appl Radiol. 

By Staff News Brief| December 27, 2017

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